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Armed Forces Biomedical Society
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What's the best thing about our club? 99% of our members share the same initial biomedical maintenance technician training; 99% of our members share a U.S. military background in biomedical maintenance and engineering.

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Good day All,
If you happen to be in the Fort Detrick Area. Please reply "Yes", or "No" for attending our next scheduled training-meeting on 23 October 2019 sponsored by Hill Rom.  This meeting will be special because we are planning to have AFBS officers elections in addition to Risk Management Framework- Cyber Security awareness training by Hill Rom.  Please read the information below and respond.
Respond with a Yea or Nay in (for the action below) 

Dear Armed Forces Biomedical Society Members,

It has been my honor to serve as the AFBS president for the past 9 years going on 10 years now.

Our annual elections for AFBS Leadership, according to the by-laws, are supposed to happen in the month of October.  That said, since I have been the president of our Society for approximately 9 years.

 I make a motion to hold the elections in accordance to our By-laws in the month of October 2019.  My proposed election process is as follows:

  1. Gather candidate/nominees names and information   20-27 September 2019.
  2. Send out nominee information to AFBS members for review and consideration 1 October 2019.
    1. To vote you must be present or vote by proxy.  Voting by proxy means members can designate a proxy representative to vote on your behalf.  To designate a proxy the member must submit a letter with the representatives name to the election committee prior to the date of the elections.
  3. Elections will be held on 23 October 2019 from 1130-1200 hours in Building 639 room 1E-202 on Fort Detrick.
  4. Provide members with results of the elections 23 October at 1300hrs after counting ballots.
    1. Notify members non-local members via email and posting on the AFBS website by the end of 23 October 2019.    

Only AFBS Members in good standing (meaning they have paid their annual dues by the time of the election close of ballot date), will have their votes counted. This include members that are not local Frederick and vote by proxy.

All the leadership positions are up for re-election.  The current representatives are:

President:  Current President is Diego Gomez

Vice President:  Acting Vice President is Derrick Bostic

Secretary: Lamar Reese

Treasurer: Scott Harder

For the motion to move forward we need 3 things to happen:
1. Another member to 2nd the motion  and respond to all.
2.  A vote on the proposal.  An email response of those "opposed" and of those "for" the proposal by responding with a "Yea" or a "Nay" to this message.
3. Tally of the vote and validate quorum for the proposal.
4.  A follow up email with results of this proposal and follow up guidance.


We would like all members in good standing to vote.  We have a total of 65 active members at this time and we will need a total of 17 members to have a quorum for this vote. If you are not aware if you are in good standing please contact myself, Derrick Bostic, Scott Harder, or Jorge Magana and we can validate your membership. If you know you need to pay your membership dues please go to the following website ( and make your payment on line by following the member signup link on the upper left side 

Please remember to renew your membership.   

Thank you for supporting the AFBS!

2. Please remember to renew your membership.  It is very simple and it can be done securely on-line. We depend on your membership support.  Part of your membership goes to fund our training sessions, AAMI Scholarship Fund and Memberships and many other give-aways.
3. Want to earn your CBET/CRES/CLES? Join the METC BMET Certification Study Group Info (For those of you that have Common Access Card (CAC) access).  Additionally, all members can download the CBET Study Quiz (Sponsored by Stephens International) and other documents (from this site) that will help them get prepared for the exam.

The DOD METC Biomedical Equipment Training Program is hosting AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) certification training for CBET/CRES/CLES (Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician/Certified Radiology Equipment Specialist/Certified Laboratory Specialist) on a semi-annual basis coinciding with the examinations. The study group uses a 10 week outline scheduled prior to the exam (exam dates ). If interested log into: . You will have to request access to view documentation. You will receive an email requesting additional information prior to approval.
4. Do not have a CAC, then give the CABMET study group a try. 

4. Thinking about becoming a member of the Armed Forces Biomedical Society?  Click on member signup button on top left of this webpage.  FYI: We have a Remote ($10) and-or Full membership ($25) option.  The Remote Membership was intended for those individuals that don't live-work in the Fort Detrick area (not enough time to drive to attend meetings on a regular basis).  This is a relatively new type of membership that was implemented based on feedback from DoD BMET's and Engineers from all around the country that simply wanted to support the AFBS because of their training-employment background.  Our future goal is to enhance what is provided to our Remote member via the website.  The Full Membership is mainly for the individuals that work or live in the Fort Detrick area and are usually able to attend all our scheduled quarterly society meetings-training-BBQ events.

5. Looking for Healthcare Technology Jobs?  Here are few resources to get started:
- Our Armed Forces Biomedical Society facebook page
- USAJOBS (Tip: Type "biomedical equipment specialist" )


A special thanks to our previous and current sponsors:
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President: Diego Gomez-Morales

Vice President: Derrick Bostic

Secretary: Lamar Reese

Treasurer:  Scott Harder

Membership Manager: Dennis Boney

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